Buying a New Home

Buying a house or a new home is a rewarding experience and a pleasurable one too.The old look of the house is intact...

For several years we were planning to buy a house of our own. But, every time we ventured out into the property market we faced new hurdles and had to retreat due to one reason or the other. As far as I was concerned this seemed like a dream, that looked as if it was never going to be fulfilled.

I kept looking around for properties that came within our budget, but there would be something or the other missing from our list of priorities. This kept happening many a time, and finally we decided to entrust the matter to a property broker. We met one of the leading property brokers  giving him our list of essentials which consisted of our budget, closeness to certain schools, market etc: . The broker made some calculations after which he straight away quoted an exorbitant sum as his fee. Since we had no other option, we decided to go along with his terms .

He immediately came up with a long list of likely properties that he said , suited our need, that would interest us. We were taken to a couple of these properties , after we paid some advance amount to the broker. I must say that it was a shock to see the properties he showed us , as they had none of the features that we had listed out . The broker was only trying to push whatever property he had in his list without even bothering to check out our priorities and we were disappointed by his attitude ! But again we decided to stick with him hoping that something suitable might come up in the near future. Thankfully we did a wise thing in not paying him any more money, in spite of his asking us for more. We promised him that, if he were to find a house of our choice we would definitely compensate him. I think he lost interest when he realised that we were not going to pay him any more unless he found us a house of our choice..and nothing more happened for a month or more.

In the mean time, we went to visit a relative who lived in a nice residential area which had all the amenities that were required and was a neat and clean lay out with proper roads and well connected to the high way. We got talking to some other people, who were his friends, and one of them spoke about an old house that had been on the market for sale for quite some time.But for some reason it had not attracted many buyers. However, We decided to go and take a look at this property along with the person who told us about it. I was impressed by the property at the very first sight !

It was an old house that was built on 2 levels. The ground floor consisted of a Hall, Kitchen, Dining room and two Bedrooms and a bath room which was worn out and badly maintained , but it had possibilities. The upper level had a hall and a bedroom and an open terrace. My husband and children were not at all impressed by it and wanted to look at something that was better looking and newer than this. The house had no takers mainly because it was not advertised and the owner, an old man, had not bothered to employ a property broker either ! The owner had one condition only which also had detered the prospective buyers. He wanted the whole amount in cash as he was in desperate need for money .

Now, ever since I had seen the house which had a little bit of garden space around it and had the kind of old fashioned comfortable look that I loved, as well as great possibilities for renovation, I was keen on buying it and getting it done up by modernising the bathroom and adding a couple of more bath and toilets and generally sprucing up the kitchen ! I somehow convinced my husband and the children as it had almost all the amenities and conveniences that we were looking for, though the price was more than what we had planned on.

But it still was a good buy . Finally ,after days of discussions,  we met the owner and told him that we were definitely interested in the house , but we needed more time to make arrangements for cash. He readily agreed and accepted some advance and gave us 3 months time to make the necessary arrangements for registering the house in our names. We did buy the house after 3 months after we had made arrangements for the cash . We , then got the house altered slowly one part at a time, and it took us another 6 months to move into the new house.

Today my house is my pride and I love the place. We have changed its entire look inside , but , have tried to keep the outside, and the old look of the house intact, which is very attractive with  the little lawn in front of the house. It also has a May flower tree which gave the house and the garden a cool look and looked a heavenly sight while it was in full bloom in Summer ! Now I am planning on growing lush greenery around the house and many other things for my house including a terrace garden ! My family has settled down very well in the new house. The broker who we had approached got news about the deal and tried to get some mileage out of it ! Such is human greed..

Buying house has been a rewarding experience for us , and a pleasurable one too..


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