Eight Things Not to Forget to Pack When Moving

Moving day has come and everything is on the truck ready to move, right? Before you close that door behind you for the last time, make sure you have not left anything behind. Discover eight common items people forget to pack that may surprise you. Be s

A move is a good time to clean house and get rid of unwanted bulk.  However, you want to be the one deciding what is unnecessary to move and not walk away leaving something you intended on transporting to your new home.  Even the most orderly and thought-out move includes some degree of stress and chaos.  Unexpected delays and items added to the “to-do” list can leave even the most organized person’s thoughts a bit scattered.  It is in moments like these that items are left behind or forgotten during the move.  A checklist of places commonly left unnoticed during a move can help.  Following are eight items and places to look for items you won't want to leave behind during a move:

  1. Storage Bins and Attics – You made a final walk-through of the house before shutting the door for the last time behind you.  However, sometimes areas of the home where you tucked away bulky items for safe keeping get overlooked.  Be sure to check spaces like the attic, hidden storage areas and any nooks and crannies where you may have stored items (or a child or pet did for you).
  2. Dry Cleaners – In the scurry of packing everything onto the truck, clothing that was dropped off at the dry cleaners a week ago may get overlooked.
  3. Safe Deposit Boxes – Items placed in safe deposit boxes are securely tucked away, right?  This may be too true when it comes to a move.  Of course, these items are retrievable.  However, if your move takes you across the country of overseas, the trip back to gather your safe deposit box items may be more costly than what is tucked away and forgotten inside.
  4. Items On Loan – You may be worried about ending up taking along items you have borrowed from someone else.  However in the commotion that comes with moving, don’t forget to retrieve any items you have loaned out to neighbors, friends or family members in the area.
  5. Phones – Many people are so accustomed to using cell phones now that they may not even own a “land line” (a phone attached to a phone cord within the house).  If you do have an inside phone, be sure to take it with you.
  6. Contact Information – You may have lived at your address for long enough that it is engrained in your memory.  So, the address where you are moving to may be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the move.  Or, you have everything packed onto the moving truck but forgot to get the contact information of the moving company that just drove off with all your belongings.  Be sure to write these down or store them in your cell phone for easy access.
  7. Prescription Refills – Before you move, be sure to get updated prescription refills so they can be transferred to a new pharmacy after the move.
  8. Medical and School Records – Talk with your doctor, dentist, orthodontist, veterinarian and child’s school to make sure every document is in your hands or transferred to professionals in your new location.


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