How to Make Moving House Less Stressful

As most people already know, moving can be terribly stressful. Anything you can do to make the experience easier should be welcomed. There are ways you can relieve stress, and help your pets and children stay sane and less fretful when you move house. By

Moving house can be one of the most stressful events you ever encounter, next to the death of a loved one. It is said to be more distressing than losing a job or getting a divorce, and if you are actually buying a house, studies reveal that you could age by up to two years in the process.

If you do not want to suffer symptoms such as hair loss, memory difficulties and a low libido it makes sense to try to alleviate stress, and attempt to prevent it from occurring in the first place where you can.

Physical fatigue

Let us be honest, most people do not usually pick up heavy furniture repeatedly, carry it upstairs and move it around. If you are not physically fit and can afford to, let professionals do this job for you. If you need to do your own removal, plan ahead, and try to do little and often if your schedule allows, rather than attempting to rush. Get friends and family to help you move heavy items, and do not risk gaining an injury.

Pack a bag in advance that holds a few little luxuries to indulge in later on when you are in your new abode, such as bubble bath, relaxing essential oil, and muscle rub. Switch the hot water on, and have a hot bath to help you sooth away aches and pain.

Mental fatigue

There is no getting away from it; moving house requires a lot of extra thought. However, by making lists and prioritizing what needs to be done in order of importance, you can save time and brain cells from becoming frazzled.

Mental fatigue can be partially alleviated if you get rid of some unnecessary potential worries. Organization is the key to success. Be sure to pack important items, such as your credit card, legal papers, driver’s license, tenancy agreement and medication in a specific box or bag you mark in a different color, with a thick pen or tape, to other luggage.

It can also be useful to keep separate a kettle, tea bags, coffee, milk , sugar, cups and a spoon, as the first thing you are likely to want to do when you arrive in your new home is to enjoy a drink.


Dogs, cats and small mammals can get extremely distressed when you move house with them. Unlike you, they do not understand what is going on and will be fearful. If your pet is likely to be stressed, consider using a Bach Flower remedy in their water, such as ‘Rescue,’ or ask your vet if they can provide you with anything to help. There are pheromone sprays that may be useful too.

When you bring your pet into your new home make sure their bedding, and at least a toy or two, and water and food are available for them, and shut them in one room. Place a few things from your old home around. The scent will help them stay calm, as it will be familiar, and check on them often. Do not forget to provide a litter tray if you have a cat, and if your pet is a dog, let them out to relieve him or herself now and then.


Explain to children who are old enough to understand that you are moving, and if possible take them to look around your new abode before moving day. Give them a chance to get used to the idea so it does not come as a shock, and find out about things that will be of interest to them in advance, such as where they will go to school, where a play park is located and if there are any child friendly forms of entertainment nearby.

Make sure young children have a favorite toy with them as you move, and pack their favorite food and drink ready for when they are hungry, plus any special blankets, nightlights and so on.

Moving is never easy, and rarely straightforward. Most people find the best-laid plans can fail due to unforeseen circumstances. However, by packing things to relieve you of stress, and reduce the anxiety of children and pets, you will find the experience less taxing.


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