How to Recover Your Rental Damage Deposit From Your Landlord

Everybody faces the same tense moments when they move — will they get their damage deposit back from the landlord?

You vacuumed the carpet and wiped the spills in the refrigerator, but what else can you do to get more of your money back?

Here's a few easy and inexpensive ways to improve your odds:

When you removed the art work from your beige walls, you left dozens of small nail and thumb tack holes in the walls and doors. Don't let them show!

Take a tube of white toothpaste and smear just enough to fill the opening of each hole. When this dries, the hole is gone!

When the landlord looks to see what prep work needs to be done before painting, you've taken care of it already! Small cracks, up to 1/4" can be 'repaired' in the same manner.

The inside of your oven shows off your culinary skills? If the landlord has to hire someone to clean this, it comes out of your deposit. Instead, go to a home improvement store and get some steel wool in the paint department. There are 8 different grades, from #0000, the finest, to grade #4, the coarsest. You can use #0000 on chrome and glass without fear of scratching the surface. Soak the oven racks in your bathtub will hot water and vinegar. This will loosen any burned on food particles. Before drying, go over the racks with the steel wool and they will shine like new! Savings? A minimum of $20 of your deposit.

Another tip? Clean your windows! This seems odd, but the more light that comes into your apartment, the cleaner the apartment appears. The cleaner it seems, the less that needs to be done! Money back into your pockets!

Finally, clean the frig and freezer with hot water and dish soap, wiping the racks with the same grade steel wool you used on the oven racks. Leave a new box of baking soda inside each compartment so when the electricity is turned off no odors emerge. If the maid doesn't have to clean it, you don't have to pay for it! Money back in your pocket!

The cleaner and broghter your apartment appears when the landlord inspects it, the more you get back. Spending a couple of hours to get $$$$ back is a wise investment.


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