So Many Papers to Sign! Why?

Paperwork is the foundation of a solid home purchase.

Being involved with real estate now for many years; my beliefs have changed dramatically.  Once my belief was that Realtors were so cold and callused.  I couldn't understand why some of them were so blunt and straight to the point when they were making so much money.  As a home buyer and seller I felt as if they should cater to my every need, 'well, that's what they are paid for right?'

Now my beliefs have changed due to the fact I've converted from a home buyer/seller into a real estate agent.  It is amazing how your eyes are opened once you adventure into another's world.  I found out how difficult it was to balance a friendly and caring attitude with business and legal issues.  As a home owner, I never understood how important all those papers were and truthfully, I never really cared.  I should have cared quite a bit more.  The risk that goes with not understanding extremely vital documents is so great.  Now, when I hand a client a document, the concern of them actually understanding that document, runs through my thoughts.  I stress each time they are handed a document how important it is to read and understand the documents they sign.  I look back and reminisce signing my personal documents; did I stress back then or did I rely on my agent to be thorough and honest.

The problem lies within the relationship between agent and client.  It is not only about being thorough and honest, although every agent should have these qualities.  The client; most times; does not understand that the agents job is to aid in the purchase or sale of the real estate and the documents we have the client sign are predesigned to make most transactions flow smooth.

Note:  When a unique situation arises your agent may or may not have knowledge about the situation.  Research is needed and they will investigate the legal way to conclude the issue.  If a more advanced knowledge is needed than a real estate agent can possess; the agent will advise the client to contact a real estate attorney to create a unique document for the clients unique situation.

Aiding the home purchase or sale does not mean that the agent can read minds and make decisions for the client.  An agent can only be as good as the client; that takes responsibility for his and/or her own actions to read and understand the documents they are signing.  These papers are the foundation that support the structure of your home purchase or sale.  Without them you would end up with no proof of purchase, no proof of transfer or ownership, no proof of ownership, no proof of legal construction and use, no proof of payment, and much, much more.

I understand these documents can be time consuming and quite a hassle; I've been there, but I can guarantee the hassle of proving you bought the home and that you were sold a house that is falling apart after you were promised a quality home; would be an even greater issue without this documentation.

There are many pieces to the home buying and selling puzzle that need to be documented all the way through.  Proof is a wonderful thing.  Without it you are lost and with it you are found.  Your agents job is to document the entire purchase with your help and honesty.  Again an agent is only to do what is legal and what you ask for.  Anything above this spectrum is either considered illegal or if it is legal; a friend like act and is above and beyond the required responsibility of an agent.

Don't let the fear of documents drive you to fear buying or selling your home.  Your agent will be able to help explain these documents if you do not understand them.  Ask your agent today.  The truth is many buyers and sellers don't understand and need to ask questions.  If you don't understand the documents, being open and honest is the easiest path to a solid and legal home ownership.


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